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Andrea Base

Base & Co Hair Studio Owner & Stylist

I graduated at La Luma Academy in 2014, while working as an apprentice & junior stylist at a salon as I built my clientele.  I quickly jumped into a master stylist role not too long after and was at the same salon for 10 years.  I thrive on new challenges and experiences. When it comes to hair, I want to do more and more every single day. From learning new techniques, colour formulas, skills, trends & exploring new products, seriously… the list goes on & on! Hair & beauty is what makes me happy. It is my passion and I truly love what I do. I am always thinking of new ideas, projects & things to do at the salon for me and my business to grow. I absolutely love being able to give my clients a happy & relaxing salon experience walking into Base & Co. I love my clients & seeing a smile on their face reminds me why I push myself everyday. Base & Co is home to me, and I want it to feel that way to all my clients too. I knew I always wanted my own hair salon, so fast forward to now and I am living in a dream! I wear all the hats around here, and I love every minute of it! 

I specialize in blonding. But truthfully, I love it all! Waking up every morning I get excited to come into the studio because every day is different! I love customizing colour formulas, learning new trendy styles & cuts and I absolutely love testing out new products and seeing what works for different hair textures. It’s simple, I love what I do!! I am very passionate in hair, and I love seeing the smiles and feeling the energy in the room when I have made a client feel amazing.

At this moment, I am only booking my current clients. My goal is to focus on my clients individually and give them the best service every time they come into the studio. Once I am ready to open my schedule up to new clients, I will be posting it on all my social media & on here!  Trust me, I can’t wait to meet you!! 

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